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How to remove pages from WordPress menu?

by Satish Kumar
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Generally, Bloggers doesn’t create pages what they need the only post, but they don’t want to display the pages in the menu. Today I’ll show you how to remove the pages from WordPress menu.

First, you need to locate WordPress source code to get the filename where the menu is located. Open the file and locate the below code or similar code in the file.

<?php wp_list_pages();?>

You should replace the above code with the following code:

<?php wp_list_pages(‘exclude=5,9’);?>

In the above code, you need to change the page ID with your blog’s page ID, which you don’t want to display in WordPress menu.

You can do the same changes by using plugin also, the required plugin name is “Exclude Pages”.

For more information you can go through WordPress reference site “WordPress codex”.

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