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How to display raw Programming codes within WordPress Blog Post?

by Satish Kumar

sometimes a good man becomes a bad man or it may feel like.

WordPress CMS has rich sets of features for blogging, and one of them it’s editor. It reads the code and compile it on the browser. It is very important features or property of WordPress CMS. But, sometimes this feature will become a problem especially when you writing a tutorial blog and you need to explain code on the post. In this case, if your code gets to compile on the browser and it became text then what is the next.

I have written two article about “How to create effective posts in WordPress?” and “How to create WordPress Pages for arranging content in WordPress?”, Now in this article, I’ll explain how to write the code within the post for tutorial writing or need to write raw code in the post.

You need to write HTML and PHP code carefully in the post or page content. For example, if you want to show “How to write content in bold letters?” you need to explain the <b> or <strong> HTML tag in your post. But if you write directly these tags in the post you content become in bold letter and the tag will disappear.

To write exact code like below code you can get the help from any HTML or PHP code encoder.

<a href=http://www.gutann.com target=”_blank”>GUTANN</a>

To do this job you can use any encoder tool like HTML Encoder or Postable, you need to input the code in these tools and encode it. After encoding your code should look something like below code:

&lt ;a href=”http://www.gutann.com&quot ; target=&quot ;_blank&quot ;&gt ;GUTANN&lt ;/a&gt;

It is not necessary to use these code but you have to write the code in encoded format only otherwise WordPress will execute your code.

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— Satish Kumar


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