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Why proper categories of post is important to Better SEO?

by Satish Kumar

As we know, in blogging we are using two terms in respect of post is category and tag. Do you know these categories and tags can use for better SEO? In this article, I’ll explain to you how to do better SEO for your blog using categories and tags.

Search engine page indexing is a great factor of SEO for your websites, you should know what are the file we can do  indexing on the search engine or which once should keep away from indexing.

If you are doing SEO for the WordPress site, it is more important to arrange your posts with proper categories and tags. These important aspects are playing a major role for website SEO. Nowadays we are showing related post at the bottom of your post and for this structure, we are using any plugins from WordPress plugin gallery. All plugins are using categories and tags to show the related post. Now you can imagine your blog if posts are not arranged with proper categories.

WordPress categories ideas

Categories for all your blog post is planned from day 1, and you should know your niche. You need to design the categories as per your niche.

For example,:  if I am going to start a blog for digital marketing then I should make the following categories:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing, etc.

The benefits of categories planning are, you can focus on your writing according to your plan and your blog will pass the knowledge as expertise on your niche.

Category with SEO

Normally peoples are thinking we’ll get more traffic if more pages are indexed by the search engine, It was true till 2011. Now, Google has changed search algorithm and these ideas are not worth full at this time.

New google search algorithm is hate with the content farm. The meaning or content farm is a collection of pages added in search engine which is not useful for search engines.

We know about categories page, as it contains the archive of selected category. So, if we are indexing category page at search engine it will reflect on your site SEO performance. It will indicate as duplicate content and it reflects on the SEO of original content.

So, category pages are not useful for search engine index but useful for your reader to browse your site in a various way. The category page is used by search engine bots to crawling the site deeper.

Recommendation for Category Pages:

You can do better SEO for your website to make your category pages as no index but do follow for search engine bots. These setting will ensure, search engine bots crawl your blog bot, not index.

If you are using categories, make sure your permalink will be perfect for any changes in future. Sometimes people think my blog’s categories are not good for my niche and decided to change category at this time you should check your permalink settings. For example:, if you are using “%CATEGORY%/%POST%” permalink, I’ll not recommend you to change your category, otherwise, it will break your post URL. If you still want to change your categories, first you can use permalink migration plugins.

Feel free to leave your own opinion, and any extra tips and ideas are always much appreciated.

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