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What is Keyword Research?

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Keyword research is the first step in optimizing your site for specific key phrases. Without keyword study, you may end up lost on your lingo and combating giants on your business that can not be defeated from the search result pages like this. There are many different variables you need to take into consideration when performing keyword research and establishing your keyword strategy. In this guide, we will talk about your assignment, your viewers, and your competitors.

What makes your website/blog unique?

This is very very important to know how you make your company unique to offer a unique product to your customer. Before deciding your product/services towards to your customer you should have a clear concept what you going to offer. When you talking about your blog or website rank it is dependent on your offered services and customized your web pages for the product and services. If you follow all required SEO guidelines you will get your rank on web index like google, but the SEO is a regular practice for web pages, need to do for all pages modify and update on the regular time interval.

To customize your website you have clear concepts for your mission to optimize your web page’s content for specific service and product.

Two things you should always remember at the time of web page customization:

  1. Why should Google rank your website or blog?
  2. How your target customer or people find you?

Meaningful keywords

The meaningful keyword is the challenge for any business owner. This is dependent on many factors like:

  • What are you going to offer?
  • What is your business mission?
  • What are the core value and strength of your product and services?
  • How can you branch out from your common business mission to very specific business strategies and goals? Use all these small specific information to stand out from the crowd.

To build your thing is better then your competitors you need to do keyword strategy around your all bit of information mentioned in website and blog. It is like for a small company who can better in some specific service then a bigger fish haven’t thought of or may these company haven’t looked to do actively. If you can’t finalize your specific area you will be in bigger problem then just come up with keywords.

How your audience helped you with your keyword research?

Once your concept is clear for your service and product, its time to consider your target audience. The ultimate goal of SEO is to just people can find you in the crowd. So, Now our first goal is to identify how our audience searches for our service and what words they use to search.

Let’s considered an example: at Gutann, we think about our all SEO articles as “SEO tutorials”. So, at the first sight, I should consider the keyword “SEO Tutorials” and customize this keyword for my SEO category’s article. And when we analyze my traffic I found my audience use the word “Gutann SEO guide” to find my article so I’ll just start to customize another keyword “Gutann SEO guide” for SEO category’s article also.

Every company or website owners having own sets of vocabulary but it is not necessary to match these keywords with the audience’s search words. So, It is always better to research your audience group and found some generic words used by your audience to customize your content with those keywords. You can also use Google Trend to research latest search term on the web.

What about your competition?

At Last, you simply can’t identify your potential keywords without analyzing your competition and their keywords. So you should start research on your competition.

This is very important to do research on all the competitors in your field and that will worthwhile. You should always stick to the basic of SEO and it is quite easy to know about your SEO competition. To find the competition you just google for some search term you want to rank for. see what website and company ranked up and where are you rank.

You also need to validate your search result, and to validate you can use your browser’s incognito window and open the google website for the targeted country and search your term to check your rank. if it is not working for you not to wary, you can use any VPN service to perform your validation task for the targeted country search result.

Always expand your strategies on every steps

The high traffic big sites can rank for general terms but for smaller sites need to work on the specific niche and search terms. To rank your small site is very easy if you are writing in the language which is not in all over the world. But If you writing in English which is the common language of the world it is very difficult to rank your site for general terms, you need to work on long tail keywords to make good rank globally. And once you start getting some SEO authority you can work for general terms also, and in the end, you will get rank for your head keyword.

Feel free to leave your own opinion, and any extra tips and ideas are always much appreciated.

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