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The Ultimate Guide to increase your RSS Subscriber

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Blog subscription is one of the important features for the blog. As we need lots of traffic to run our blog successfully, RSS subscription is playing an important role to achieve your visitor targets. It also provides you regular visitor for your blog.

Now there are lots of options are available to enable email subscription for your blog, i.e., Feedburner, Jetpack email subscriber and Aweber etc.

As we know, RSS is the best option to send notification your regular reader for your updated posts. Means more numbers of RSS subscriber is directly proportional to more traffic.

If you haven’t any idea about RSS feeds, you can get the knowledge about RSS here.


RSS Subscriber increasing Tips: coffee-cup-rss-feed

RSS Subscription Options Location

The Location of RSS subscription at your blog is very important, the user can land on any page of your blog and it is important to they get this option. So make sure RSS subscription option for your blog is at the visible and catchy place for your visitors.

I recommend to you, keep your RSS subscription option and icon at the top of your page.

You can choose the location of the 1st place of the sidebar, it is a most common place for this subscription.

Sometimes user search subscription option after reading your article, So end of your post is also the best option to place your RSS subscription placement.

Title of your widget

The title of your widget is an important part of your blog to attract your readers. It should be something about your blog or niche so the user can easily identify the widget.

Try to use some catchy, short and intelligent word at your widget title bar, So readers can attract to come to your subscription.

E-Mail Subscription

E-mail subscription option is the most popular option used by many bloggers.

So, don’t put a single link as your subscription box.

Use  clear identifiable subscription box with email enter option in widget box only.

You can use this subscription box in your blog’s sidebar with the top place, it is a better placement for email subscription box.

Feel free to leave your own opinion, and any extra tips and ideas are always much appreciated.

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