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The Ultimate Guide To Backup Your Blogspot Blog

by Satish Kumar

As we know that BlogSpot is the most popular blogging platform, provided by Google. BlogSpot is free service for blogging but as we know free services always comes with some limitations. The biggest disadvantage of Blogspot is it is owned by Google and google has all the control of your blog with the rights to delete your blogs.

If you are creating a blog on Blogspot, you are signing for google blogging service’s TOS, where lots of rules are defined and if you violate any single rule, google will disable or delete your account immediately without any notice. To avoid these circumstances, I suggest you  back up your blog periodically. This practice will save your work and ensure you if anything will wrong for blog you can always have your blog’s data and articles.


Start BlogSpot Backup:

BlogSpot’s backup process is very easy and anyone can do it. There is a feature in BlogSpot called “Blog Tools”, it has three options:

  1. Import blog – This option is used to Import the content (pages, posts and comments etc.) from a backup file.
  2. Export blog – This option is used to export the blog content as a backup file.
  3. Delete blog – This option we are using to delete the current blog.


When we are using export option to backup your complete blog content, it provides all backup in the .xml file format which you can store in your system.

This is a manual process. You can do it on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depends on your decision how often your Blog are updated with new contents.

As we know, bloggers are using blogs with their customised themes, widget and plugins and it is very difficult to customise the blog as per our desire. So, I suggest taking blog backup with customised Blogspot template with the time interval. It will help you to solve these problems:

  • If you blog got deleted by google or you mistakenly, you will get it again by using backups.
  • If you have done some mistakes during customising your blog template, you can restore backup quickly.

This is a good practice to keep important file more than one place, so I recommend to move blog backup files more than one place. Nowadays you can store your files on the cloud i.e.  Google docs, Dropbox, Mediafire etc., so that if backup will be deleted by mistake you can retrieve it from another location.

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— Satish Kumar

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