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Solution for Akismet SPAM marking comments problem

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Akismet SPAM marking comments

As we know, Akismet is the best plugins for filtering spam comments and most of the bloggers are using it. Sometimes, your comments do not appear and it is filtered in spam directory by Akismet plugin.

This problem is well-known and facing by more bloggers. The reason could be, you could use keywords at the place of the name, your some earlier comments are marking to spam, or you may add some self-promoting link to promote yourself, your website etc by using your comments.

When I am commenting on others Blog, you should remain your mind to:

  • Not using any link, which redirects to me or my blog
  • Not using any messages, keywords, or link for self-promotion
  • Always try to put some genuine comments related to article
  • Don’t do single word or sentence comment, try to put at least more than 2 sentences comments

Nowadays, I release Akismet marking more comments to spam, it could be regular readers and bloggers. you need to check spam folder for comments on a regular basis if you are using Akismet plugin then please check your spam folder also to filter the genuine comments.

You need to always check the spam folder to find out the genuine comment to make them not-spam.

Why Akismet marking comments as SPAM?

Akismet can put your comment in spam directory if found below pattern:

  • It doesn’t allow swear words
  • It highly scans for the po*n and poke* words
  • Check history, as your earlier comments, was marked as spam by other admins

If  your first comment has put to spam directory by Akismet, afterwards your all comments will spam.

Solve spam comment problem for Akismet

To solve a problem of Akismet comment spam,  it is necessary to make your impression as the genuine commentator in Akismet database. For this, you can start commenting on your friend’s blog and ask him to clear your comments from spam directory. Or, you should comment on many another blog which is powered by WordPress and Akismet and after putting 4-5 meaningful comment, send a message to admin and ask  to clean your comments from spam directory as they are not spam, you can approach this by using the contact us form also if you haven’t e-mail ID of admin.

Here, I recommend you don’t comment on the high traffic blog as they have more than hundreds comments in a day, may admin haven’t time to check for your comments status.

Akismet algorithm is very nice and it gets the content from your messages as well as your interaction with your messaged comments, So, afterwards very high chances to don’t go your comments to spam directory.

If still you are facing any issue, you can get help with Akismet team by using the contact page.

You can share your experience of Akismet comment spam marking for your blog by commenting here.

Feel free to leave your own opinion, and any extra tips and ideas are always much appreciated.

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