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Revision Control Plugin: Optimize your WordPress Database

by Satish Kumar
wordpress plugin for revision control

We are always changing our Blog post to make it better for readers. I am always checking my post content to make it more relevant and user-friendly, spending hours of time for this process and doing lots of changes.

WordPress has default functionality to keep the revision of your Blog content especially for posts, and as we know WordPress is CMS based on PHP application it stores all data in a database. It is a very useful functionality of WordPress to retrieve old version post and publish those post. But without limitation of revision of post database will not optimise. The database will occupy more memory and performance of your blog will reduce.

To avoid these types of problem, we can use “Revision control Plugin” to control the revision functionality of WordPress.

Some time ago I was checking my blog posts which had more than 15 revision, these types of revision keeping lots of post revision is not worthful.

By using Post revision WordPress plugin, we can put the limit for post revision or can disable it. This plugin can help you to disable the post revision feature completely, but I suggest keep always less post for revision, it will help you to recover old contents when it required.

We can also use the WP-Optimize plugin to optimise revision control features for your WordPress.

You can download Post revision control plugin from below link.

Link: WordPress Plugin for Post revision control

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