Instagram demonstrated that it currently includes 1billion active users from the 800 million reported September 20 17.

This boost in monthly users earns Instagram the fastest growing social media right now — with the way of a much gross.

While Facebook has significantly more overall users, its increase in monthly users has increased to just 3.14 percent. Snap Chat keeps growing much slower, at an impressive pace of 2.13 percent.

Instagram, alternatively, keeps growing not quite 5 percent in the quarter to quarter.

Paradoxically, Instagram’s continuing growth could partially be credited to copying features from Snap Chat, like filters and stories.

Stories are becoming hugely popular on Instagram, and the number of folks publishing tales has obliterated Snap Chat’s full user base.

Teens are far toward Instagram and using face-book not as usually.

I’d be remiss not forgetting Snap Chat’s redesign, which has been badly received by both critics and users.

Although some stumble Instagram has been the triumph, which makes it one of the fascinating social websites to keep tabs right now.