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How to prevent your website or blog from plagiarism

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As you know content is very important part of your blog, so every day trying to put some unique content and it’s very tough task to get uniqueness over the web.

There are lots of tools to helping design well content for our blogs; “Copyscape” is one of them.

Copyscape is best online utility to check and detect online plagiarism. It helps to identify web pages have copied your content without information and permission, it also helps you to know those who are quoting your websites.


Copyscape provides two types of services:

  1. Premium Service
  2. Free Service

Premium Service – By using premium option you can access all the services provides by Copyscape including below list:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Check your entire site
  • Manage cases of plagiarism
  • Work with your team of editors
  • Exclude results from certain sites
  • Check content automatically with the API
  • Check for duplication within your own content, etc.

For detailed information on Copyscape, click here.

Free Service – By using free service you can find the copied content, search with URL, and compare two URLs.

To start using these services you can start from the free option and protect your content.

Copyscape Uses Guide:

Go to Copyscape website, there is one text box and one “GO” button. You need to enter your blog URL in the textbox and press “GO” button.


After clicked on the button it will reload a new page with search result as per the below image, here you can find your post URL with those URL where the same contents appear.

If you are using feeds, social profile bookmarking etc, then those URL will also come as copied content, in this situation you need to ignore those search results.


Guys, this is a very important tool if you want to protect your content.

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