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How to make Link as Nofollow Link for SEO

by Satish Kumar
How to make Link as Nofollow Link for SEO

Good SEO is more important than SEO

Before knowing to create the nofollow link we need to understand both dofollow and nofollow links. These terms are very important and common term in SEO world. If you know about SEO  and it’s importance then probably you should know Dofollow and Nofollow link terms.

In this article, I’ll explain you correct way for adding no-follow links for your posts. You should learn first why, where, how & when you use dofollow  and nofollow tags.

Before start to learn you should clear your mind with the misconception about more do-follow links are not good for your Blog or less nofollow links are good. Actually, dofollow and nofollow links, both have owned importance and dofollow links helps to improve your website traffic and trust if links are organic and from high PR websites.

First, I knew to get the link from another website is only beneficial and linking to another website is not more effective. But, when I started SEO for my website, then I learned about reliable backlinks and trying to get reliable linking to website and will help to boost website ranking and trust score.

Nofollow for SEO

Nofollow link

Why should we add Nofollow attribute to a link?

First, you should understand “what is dofollow and nofollow links”. We are always using links in our post to link other posts or contents. We are giving Dofollow links when we agree with following those link by google and give nofollow links to no need to follow those links by google. Usually, we are creating a nofollow link at the time of using any link to our blog for  any  other unspecified domain.

Always use nofollow attributes for the link when we using any affiliate product or any unspecified site. By default, any BlogSpot and WordPress blog adds dofollow attributes.

How to create a link with Nofollow attributes?

To add or remove link attributes you need to check the HTML code for the contents.

In general link code is:

<a href=”http://www.gutann.com”>Why add Nofollow links</a>

To create nofollow link, you need to add “nofollo” value with “rel” attribute:

<a href=”http://www.gutann.com” rel=”nofollo”>How to add Nofollow links</a>

When you are using Blogger or WordPress blog editor then go to the editor’s HTML edit mode and you can add attribute “rel=nofollow” for the link to create the nofollow link.

Usually, we always use ads, affiliate, and comment external links are making as nofollow links to maintain the collection of links. I recommend you to keep dofollow for all internal links as they are in default.

What I have mentioned above, exactly I am using same.

Feel free to leave your own opinion, and any extra tips and ideas are always much appreciated.

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