Identity, Identity is not just a word it represents the personality, behaviour, and ideology. So, it is very difficult to choose one identity as a name for anything. Today I’ll give you some idea to finalise your web identity.

Web identity means it is related to the domain name for your personal blog/website or your professional business. Everyone want to make own brand and it is not so easy, we need to think of it and it takes a long time.

I am going to share you my personal experience about these situations when I was stuck at this point over a month. It was October 2015 when I decided to write a blog and took 1 month to finalise my niche and make the decision to build a blog to help other bloggers to grow this blogging platform. But not finding any name for my blog and I was seeking for it overnight through the internet, books, friends etc.

One day I found some web pages link, which is design for generating a professional name and start to try to use those sites. Finally, I got one name and start to process for domain purchase and logo building etc.

Now you can imagine if I found the name at October my blog supposed to release at 2015, but due to domain finalisation, it has started from January 2016.

These are the some key points, always remind before finalising domain:

  1. Keywords and Niche
  2. Domain Names
  3. Sweet and short
  4. Copyright free
  5. Avoid hyphens in domain

Keywords and Niche

This is the first step to finalise your niche for your blog or business, then finding the market values over it and marketing terms and strategy for your niche.

Step 1. Finalise your niche for blog and business.

Step 2. Identify market terms for your niche

Step 3. Find at least 10 keywords related to your niche

Step 4. List out some popular words

Now matching your keyword with a popular word with string calculation like addition, subtraction, matching etc and try to find a good desirable name for your blog or business.

You can get help with these websites to find unique name;

Business Name Generator

Cool Name Ideas

Name Mesh

Go Spaces

Domain Names

Domain names come with several extensions, and as a new blogger, it is very confusing to finalise which extension you should choose. As per my personal experience, for any purpose general or professional you should try to grab the “.com” domain if available otherwise go for “.org” or “.net”  other best options.

You can check availability for your domain with any domain providers:

Go Daddy


Sweet and Short

Try to choose a short name domain which matches with your desire, and your readers and easily remember to reach your blog/website.

For example, “” is very hard to remember but “” you can remember as Register + My + Domain and only “” is very nice and easy to remember.

You can check my Blog domain “gutann”, it is the combination of two German words Gut + Ann, and it is very short. If you visit once you can remember it.

Copyright Free

Before purchasing any domain, it is good practice to read same name brand copyright policies. In general, if peoples were not getting the domain with .com extension they purchase the same domain with .org or .net extension, but some brand has copyrights over the brand name and if you are using same brand value, actually you are violating the copyright policies.

For example, WordPress doesn’t allow to have domain name “WordPress” with any extensions.

Avoid Hyphens in domain

Sometimes peoples want to use the keywords in the domain, and they are using multiple keywords separating by hyphens to get good page search results and ranking on like google search engines. I suggest to avoid hyphens for your domain, several years back it was easy to get good rank with this tricks but now no longer this case is available. Better to get an alternative domain rather than hyphens separated keywords.

Sometimes people will suggest you to get the domain name according to your blog’s niche, but this is not good ideas. There are lots of same types domains are available, so better to choose a distinctive brand and make an outstanding brand for your future.

Feel free comment your opinion, and any knowledge sharing always much appreciated.

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