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How to fight against Plagiarism for your Blog Posts Copy spam

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Fight against Plagiarism for your Blog Post

Few days ago we discussed Copyscape online service and their functionality under the title How to prevent your Website or Blog from Plagiarism.

Copyscape is the best online service to find if anyone copying the content from your Blog and posts. When someone theft your contents, it called Plagiarism.

Peoples are copying others blog post for various reasons:

  • Don’t know about Plagiarism policy
  • To get good traffic
  • To monetarize the blog

If someone republish your blog contents,  it’s not good for you. It will decrease your ranking in search engine and your blog traffic. Sometimes who is copying your blog their blog ranking is better than your blog and you will lose your Blog traffic.

If someone republish your contents, your Blog will get lose in respect of below list:

  • Ranking on Search Engine

  • Adsense Money

  • Image Hotlinking

  • Your Traffic

The most important thing, if anyone republish your Blog content you need to take action against it seriously and contact the author to inform them about plagiarism policy if necessary give the references for plagiarism concepts also.

If it works then fine, otherwise you have the rights to report the hosting company for that Blog and advertising partners of that Blog. Here I have given a small list of hosting company with their contact page, which can help you to report and save your content.


Hosting company

Reporting Link

Blogspot Blog Hosting Blogspot Copyright Reporting 
WordPress Blog Hosting WordPress Copyright Reporting 
Dreamhost Hosting Dreamhost spam information 
Google Adsense company Adsense reporting
Youtube company Youtube spammer Reporting 


If your blog content copied by someone, please report. It will help to blog community to make plagiarism content free.


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