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How to customize Firefox for Blogging?

by Satish Kumar

As we know blogging has a big market over the web and it needs lots of processes to make a successful blog. Normally peoples are thinking about blog it is only an article writing and posting over the internet, But it is the myth and a blogger know how difficult to build a great blog. Bloggers need to execute some tasks for blog i.e. SEO Management, research on an article, image editing, writing, marketing, keyword plan etc.

There is various firefox plugin available to make better internet experience and saving the time to do small-small tasks.


Gmail Manager

Everyone is using Gmail as email service, and if you are using more than one account it is very difficult to log in to each account at same time. This plugin notifies for Gmail with multiple accounts.


TwitterBar plugin gives you a small twitter icon in your address bar which will help you to post to twitter from firefox address bar.

Adsense Notifier

If you are using Google Adsense then this plugin is most important for you. It displays you Adsense earning on the status bar.


If you love to share the content over the internet on social media this is the best plugin for you. It supports more than 60 services including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress etc.



This is a powerful bookmarking addon to store your passwords and bookmarked content. This plugin will store all backup on XMark server automatically, so no matters if you are using more than one system you can go through your saved data on any system.


This Keyword Generator plugin is used to research on keywords, it helps to know the targeted keyword for the visited pages. This is a very useful plugin to must have who is dealing with SEO for the web pages. It will enhance your webmaster capability.

SEO Quake

This plugin is useful for webmasters who are dealing with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of the websites. It will help to get the information about many parameters of web page SEO i.e. Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, Domain information, backlinks etc.

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technicsy -

this post is heighly applicable for the bloggers of all of the field . apart from this, these plugins are also useful. As if seo quake is used largly by the search engine optimizer.

Satish Kumar -

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Keep reading.


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