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How to create SEO friendly image for your WordPress website

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Today SEO has a big market because we are doing 80% work online so markets are also replaced from physical to digital and to make visibility it is necessary to do the SEO and digital marketing.

There are billions of website at cyberspace and search engine has the capacity to show 10 to 50 website at one page. People will always choose the option from the first page because of time complexity, the user doesn’t want to spend more time for a single task. So there are lots of competitions in the market to appear on the first page.

SEO is a process to make your website’s appearance on the first page of search engine.

We are using images also for our blogs and doing SEO only for content is not fair. If we do the SEO for images also then it will help to increase our website visibility over the world wide web network.

Image SEO for WordPress website

Image SEO for the WordPress website or blog is very easy. We can do it without plugins also.

When we are uploading any image in media directory it automatically asks about Title and Alt tag for the image. These both properties are playing more important role in image SEO.

Generally, we skip this and not setting ant title and alt tag for images, which is bad for our site and page SEO.

To increase the SEO for website and page, we need to choose an appropriate image name and filled into title attributes and make some good keyword for image and filled  at Alt tag attributes.

It will help to increase your search result at image search engine as well as web search engines.

There are lots of plugins to do the same thing automatically; you can choose any of them from below list:

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