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Firefox Surfing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

by Satish Kumar

Firefox is an open source web browser used by billions of people around the world. There are lots of features of Firefox, one of  them is addon support. The user can customise the browser according to the need by using those addons.

Here, I have listed some of the addons which are really helpful for surfing the net contents.

AdBlock Plus


AdBlock plugin is designed for users, who don’t want to see ads while surfing. Most of the sites are using flash based ads and embedding malware with it, so it is an extremely important plugin as the security point of view too.




This plugin provides FTP functionality, Users no need to install any specific FTP program just enable this plugin and use FTP server access for file transfer.



Foxmarks plugin is extremely recommended if you are using more the one computer. It is helping users to synchronise bookmark links between more than one computers.

Url Fixer

Sometimes we forget the actual URL and mistyping it. It is very frustrating sometimes for a simple silly mistake. This plugin is useful for this types of situations. It helps to correct and fixes the mistype URLs.

Video Download Helper

This plugin helps to download and convert videos from website i.e. Youtube, Dailymotion etc.


If you love to chat on IRC network then it will very useful for you, just enable the plugin and start a chat. No need to install any specific program for IRC chat.

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