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Do You Need Useful Firefox Extension?

by Satish Kumar

Firefox is an open source free web browser used in a wide area over the internet by its users. It is the most popular browser, as it is customizable with its multiple popular extensions. But lots of extensions usually make it slow for surfing, so I suggest you a few of popular and useful extension to use on firefox, to increase your browser’s  work efficiency.

Here, I’m going to post few useful add-ons which will help you to make your Firefox awesome.

  1. Customize Google

I don’t think anyone is here who don’t know about Google. It is most popular and best search engine. You have a Firefox addon “Customize Google” which can help you to use google in a various way.

  • Users can use it to remove unwanted ads and spam
  • The user can add various search engine with google ie. Yahoo, MSN etc.

The best thing about this addon you will love, it provides all features with optional settings so you can configure as per your needs.

  1. Better Gmail2

Gmail is the popular email service provided by Google. Most of the internet users are using the Gmail as it is very fast and reliable for communication. But it has more features which you can’t use in default Gmail clients. By using this add-on “Better Gmail2” you can enhance Gmail features and skins. To know more about Gmail you can refer the website.

  1. Flash block

Today cyber security is most important and trending word over the internet. Everyone want to secure over the internet and don’t want any compromise happening with their data. Users are using lots of anti-viruses and anti-hack application to make their data safe. “Flash block” a plugin for Firefox browser is made for web security. Nowadays lots of websites come with different embedded flash files and it is a very easiest way to embed the malicious code with these files when user will open this website malicious code will immediate execute and compromise the system with the hacker. Flash block plugin provides the features for disabling the flash to execute on our system and make it safe.

  1. Speed dial

Speed dial plugin makes a shortcut for the website you visit regular and provides the link on Firefox tab beginning screen. When you open a new tab it displays the links of the website with web preview. This is a useful addon if you want to make the link for regular visiting websites.

  1. Stumble upon

Stumble Upon is the most useful web portal where a user can find more pages over the internet based on their interest. This plugin will help a user to find the new website with rate and add reviews.

  1. Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a popular plugin for Firefox. It is used to customising the feature and look by using the JavaScript. You can find your desired scripts from http://userscripts-mirror.org and optimise your browser. This plugin is extremely useful for social networking sites to disable Add or for enhancing its features.

  1. Scrapbook

Most of the internet users are using the bookmark features of browsers to read the content later on. Scrapbook plugin provides the same feature with extends multi-functionality. It is helpful to manage your web collection in an easy way.

There are uncountable add-ons of Firefox browser which are very helpful and useful to save your work time. I will share about a more useful extension in future.

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Satish Kumar

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